Embracing “Digital” Education: a bootstrapped/school-driven/bureaucracy-supported/self-improving system?

Hopefully in ten years the very concept of “digital” (versus “un-digital”?) will seem very antiquated.

Until then the struggles of incorporating digital tools into the classroom is an immense one, with challenges at every step. But there is wisdom emerging. Check out this “white paper” over at education evolving.

“…’digital’ enters school mainly to automate current processes and existing models. (Movie cameras were initially used to film stage plays.) This concern is explicit (page 64) in the National Technology Plan. To date, as Linda Roberts observes, digital has been “peripheral” rather than central in education. Perhaps because its potential is to disrupt the existing model of teaching and learning.”

and their recommendation:

“The industry and others interested in accelerating the effort to realize the potential of digital technology for learning should ally with:

• those in the policy community with experience in system-change

• the interest of the teachers and unions in getting professional authority into the schools

• the interest of the students in making school motivating (and the students’ skills with digital technology)

• the concern of those financing K-12, who want an economically sustainable system and

• the effort of others to broaden the definition of achievement to include the ’21st-century skills’.

Together these have the power to overcome the in-built system resistance.

Discussions about this broader strategy, this agenda for accelerating the take-up of digital technology, should begin immediately.”

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