“How teacher development could revolutionize our schools” by Bill Gates

Bill Gates wrote an article recently that has created a bit of a controversy. He writes, “What should policymakers do? One approach is to get more students in front of top teachers by identifying the top 25 percent of teachers and asking them to take on four or five more students. Part of the savings could then be used to give the top teachers a raise. (In a 2008 survey funded by the Gates Foundation, 83 percent of teachers said they would be happy to teach more students for more pay.) The rest of the savings could go toward improving teacher support and evaluation systems, to help more teachers become great.”

“There are people in the field who think class size is the only thing,” Gates said in an interview with The Associated Press prior to his speech. “But in fact, the dominant factor is having a great teacher in front of the classroom.”

As a teacher, if you were selected as a “great teacher” and were offered more money but also five more students would you accept?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Their mission is to dramatically improve education so that all young people have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We seek to ensure that all students graduate from high school ready for college and career and prepared to complete a postsecondary degree or certificate with value in the workplace.

Research and Evaluation

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