edReformer: Students List 10 Benefits of Online Learning

Open High School is a statewide virtual high school in Utah that is making extensive use of open education resources. The students listed ten benefits of online learning:

1.      I can work ahead if I’m able to

2.      I get nearly instant responses from my teachers

3.      I get personalized support when I need it

4.      My teachers are just as excited about online learning as I am

5.      I can do all my math for the week on one day if I want to

6.      I know how I’m doing, my grades are right on the screen

7.      My parents can see my work and grades

8.      My courses are more challenging

9.      I can keep up with my work when my family travels

10.  I can work around a busy schedule

via edReformer: School Choice Bill in Utah.

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