Are Your Kids Leaving a Legacy? Can You Give Them Purposeful Work?

Alan November runs November Learning.

“Alan’s personable and friendly nature, coupled with astute observations about the economy, education and technology make him an extremely popular, entertaining and engaging presenter. For Alan, it’s not the technology itself that it is important; it’s the way we use it. His ideas about global communication, collaboration, assessment, and critical thinking have inspired schools, governments and corporations around the world to rethink and redefine their approach to education and technology.

Alan November’s presentations are thought-provoking, creative and motivating. He has an uncanny ability to tap into the needs and energy of his audiences. Alan makes people think, question and laugh. His background as a dorm counselor for at-risk students, classroom teacher, technology coordinator, alternative school director, city planner, new school designer, university lecturer and years of consulting around the world give him a breadth of understanding and educational experience.”

Here’s a great video from TEDxNYED:

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