Shortening Those Lengthy Website Titles

School has started, and you’ve found that great website you want to share with your class, but now what? You want to place a link to it and realize that the title of the website is quite long, making for a cumbersome link reference for your students. Maybe you simply don’t feel comfortable modifying HTML on your blog and aren’t sure how to easily share links with your students? Well I’d like to share a few simple steps that help in situations just like this.

With your new found website in mind, log into your account and click “My Dashboard“. Next click “Content” then “Add Content“.  This is where you will be able to save your own favorite websites and easily make them available for your class.

Adding New Content

Next, enter the complete URL of the website you wish to save. In this case we’re using, of which the URL is Next click the “Get Website” button.

Website content retrieved.

With the content of the website automatically retrieved you will notice that the field for the title and a description of the website are pre-populated for you. Here you may optionally change the title of the website, as well as the description. Notice that the default title of is quite lengthy being “Space, NASA Information & News | Outer Space Flight Videos & Pictures | Astronomy, Solar System Images |“, so we’re going to simplify it for the purposes of making is easier for our class to find it.

Highlight the current title and change it to something that will be easy for your students to recognize. In our case we’ve changed it to “”. Once you are happy with your changes click “Save” and your new link will be saved in your favorites.

To add this new link to your class page, click on the “My Favorites” tab. Scroll to the new link ( in our case), and click “Add to my page“. This will add the new link onto your public page for easy access.

Our Saved Link with new Title

Now you and your students have easy access to while providing your own simple title for the site. You can see this simplified link by visiting Mrs. Smith’s Class Page.

Look for more tips soon!


About Jason Fabbri

Jason is a software engineer, father of 3 boys and avid builder of wacky things. When he's not conceiving one one crazy idea or another he can be found wrenching on a vintage motorcycle.
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