Using 19 Pencils to explore the web

One of the ways to help students learn about the internet is to guide them through the process. One of the great parts of 19 Pencils is the ability to create assignments  and place specific websites with them. This will allow students to see the content the teacher wants them to see without the worry of getting off track or stumbling upon inappropriate sites. Here are some steps on setting up your own guided web practice for students.

1. Create an assignment

– Create a simple assignment for the students to complete as they look at the different websites. It could be as simple as finding specific information or particular pictures. You want kids to not only go to the site, but learn to find information on the site.

2. Find the sites and place them in the assignment

– It is important to find sites that are age appropriate and easy to navigate. The website should have the information you want the students to find in easy to spot locations. You can make some of the sites tougher to search than others, but if they become too hard, students might give up completely. Try to limit the number of sites to 4 or 5. Any more than that and the task will get too repetitive.

3. Have students post comments on the Playground

– The Playground is a great place for the students to place their comments on the information they found. This will let the teacher see what the kids have found and will help the students that are struggling to find the information you have asked them to find.

4. Check the analytics

– The analytics will tell you which students have been using the site to find the information. This will allow you to follow up with the student in class or contact the parent at home to see if there is a problem with access at home. This tool will be very valuable as you try to make sure every student is on the same page.

By taking these 4 steps, you will be able to help students learn how to find information on websites for future web surfing. Learning to find information on the Internet is a very important skill to master and the ability to have students look at specific sites on 19 Pencils is a very valuable tool to have.

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