50 Must-See Teacher Blogs Chosen By You – from edudemic.com

From edudemic.com:

During a recent chat with fellow Edudemic writer Terry Heick, we discussed the purpose of blogs. In a world of social media and connectivity, what role does a blog play for teachers? Is it worth having one?

Then I started surfing my usual haunts on the web. I quickly realized that the blog is actually the home base of basically all of the biggest users of social media. It’s a place for authors to craft their thoughts in long-form statements that wouldn’t be possible or appropriate for social networks. It’s also become quite apparent that some of the best articles I’ve read all year were on teacher blogs. I try to feature them as often as I can on the @Edudemic Twitter account so many of these names shouldn’t be new to you. Every blog below is a fantastic resource that you should add to your chosen RSS reader.

Each of these blogs was nominated for an Edublogs award (Edudemic was nominated in the ‘group’ category) for being the best individual teacher blog of the year. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite. In the meantime, start working your way through this epic list of content creators!

  1. 100 Scope Notes – Travis Jonker
  2. A Fuse #8 Production – Elizabeth Bird
  3. A Journée in Language – Brad Patterson
  4. A Principal’s Reflections – Eric Sheninger
  5. Action-Reaction – Frank Noschese
  6. An A-Z of ELT – Scott Thornbury
  7. Angela Maiers – Angela Maiers
  8. Authentic Teaching – Willy Cardoso
  9. Blogging through the 4th Dimension – Mrs. Ripp
  10. Blogush – Paul Bogush
  11. Child Central Station – Amy Ahola
  12. Close Up – Ceri Jones
  13. Cool Cat Teacher Blog – Vicki Davis
  14. Dangerously! Irrelevant – Scott McLeod
  15. Delightful Daily 5 Cafe – Laura Komos
  16. Design for Learning – Dean Groom
  17. English Raven – Jason Renshaw
  18. Film English – Kieran Donaghy
  19. Free Tech For Teachers – Richard Byrne
  20. for the love of learning – Joe Bower

Read the entire post here.

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