Quizzes to learn vocabulary

One of the features of 19 Pencils that could be very helpful in increasing vocabulary is the quiz feature. By uploading words and definitions, student would be able to study a variety of different words to prepare them for future readings or in class vocabulary exams. Here are some step on creating a great vocabulary quiz on 19 Pencils.

1. Go to “Add Content” and select the “Create Quiz” tab

2. Fill out all of the information you want the students to have on the first card

3. Once you have filled out the first card, click the “Add Card” button at the top and select “After Current” button and select “Add Card”. This will create a card after the title card. You will want to do this for as many words you want the quiz to cover. Depending on the age, the number should be around 20 or 25.

4. Once you have created the number of cards you will need, it’s time to start filling out the cards. Since this is a vocabulary quiz, you might only want one answer per definition to not confuse students.

5. Once you have all of the words and definitions in place, go to the “My Favorites” tab and select the “Quizzes” tab. Here, you will see your created quiz and be able to place it on your class page or on a specific assignment page.

6. You’re done! Let the students take the quiz and track how well they do.

By using the quiz feature, a teacher can help their students learn vocabulary and prepare for future reading assignments. It’s just another awesome feature of 19 Pencils.

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