About Us

A few years ago our founder was volunteering in his son’s classroom and recognized that, as great as things were going, the teacher could have used a bit of help when it came to sharing online resources with the class. With the limited time the teacher had it seemed that things weren’t going all that easily.

Between the millions of results from search engines, Post-it notes and half-scribbled URLs shared from teacher to teacher, well it all looked to be a bit of a challenge for the typical classroom.

What if it were easy for teachers to discover and share educational websites, quizzes and more, and to easily put that content onto a unique website that students could access from home?

We’re not just parents who want to provide tools for teachers but we’re also seasoned Silicon Valley technology veterans with more than 15 years experience and we want to help you in the classroom.   We’ve built award-winning products with Fortune 500 companies.

We believe that teachers and classrooms deserve more and we want to help.

We get it. Join thousands of teachers from around the world by discovering and sharing resources with 19pencils.  Check us out.


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